Why is a Real Estate Agent Such a Valuable Resource?

Charleston Homes for SaleThere are some people who prefer to sell a house without a realtor because they want to get as much money as possible, but they simply do not realize how much money they are risking going this route. In the wrong market, you get no foot traffic and have to drop the house price to stay with the market, so in a year you could have lost far more than a realtor would have charged.

Premier One, a homes for sale Charleston real estate company give us just some of the reasons why the real estate agent is such a valuable resource.

Perhaps the top reason to work with a real estate agent is because they have their finger on the pulse of everything real estate happening in your region. If a house is going up for sale, sold at a certain price, or a new development is on the horizon, your realtor knows about it. The realtor can help you find in a tough market and sell for top dollar when the market is flooded.

Your real estate agent has several inroads to other professionals that you are going to need to work with during the transaction. Not only can you get a discount on services like a home inspection, moving company, landscaping, or real estate lawyer services, these professionals have developed a relationship with the realtor and will want to provide exceptional service.

One of the benefits you might not even be aware of when it comes to working with a realtor is the real estate rebate. There are no forms or credit checks here, this is simply a thank you from the realtor for choosing to work with them. On the sale of a $300,000 house, you might pocket a nice rebate of $2,500.00 or more at closing. Be sure to inquire if the realtor partakes in this practice because not all do at the moment.

When it comes to completing the real estate transaction, your realtor works like a buffer, eliminating clients who do not qualify for a mortgage and speeding up the sale. Imagine having to do all this work on your own each time a potential buyer said they were interested in buying your house. You might go a few months before you find out they simply did not qualify for a mortgage and have to start this process over.

So you should see by now why it is so important to be working with a professional real estate agent whether you are buying or selling a home.