Win New Clients With Do It Yourself Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Tips

When it comes to heating & air conditioning repair tips, this AC company Summerville SC, says  the sooner you can spot and make repairs, the less this repair will cost you in the end. While it is highly recommended that you call a licensed and insured HVAC repair company for larger work or to inspect the system once a year, there are smaller things you can do to keep your system operating efficiently.

HVAC Summerville SCOne of the most important things that you can do is inspect, clean, and change the air filter in your HVAC system. This is a simple repair, in fact, it should take you minutes to do. At least every three months, open the HVAC unit to access the air filter and pull it out to inspect. Make sure the unit is turned off before you do anything. If the air filter is clean, put it back in and check back in a month. If it is clogged, wet, or beyond cleaning, remove and replace.

Most of the duct work for your heating & air conditioning runs in the attic. If you can safely make your way into the attic, run your hand over or around the ducts to see if you feel any treated air escaping. In this situation, a simple roll of duct tape will go a long way. If you see enough openings, you are literally paying to treat the attic instead of the inside of the home.

If the HVAC system is on and you are not getting air out of the vents, take a look outside to see if the fan in the outside unit is spinning. If you hear the motor humming but the fan is stationary, turn off the system immediately. It could be something as simple as an obstruction inside the unit causing the fan blades to become stuck. Open the top casing and see if a branch or other object is blocking the fans, remove, close up the unit, and turn the system on again. If the fan is spinning, you made the repair.

While you are outside, take a look around the outside unit. There should not be anything within a few feet of the unit growing. Remove all weeds, grass, or plants near the unit. never put anything on top of the unit, in fact, it would be best to run a small privacy fence around the entire unit to protect it from damage.

These simple heating & air conditioning repair tips will keep your system running optimally and cut down on repair costs. For more info like this visit: